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ProSpike - Lawn Aerator Shoe

ProSpike - Lawn Aerator Shoe

British Made

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Length: 31cm, Width: 13.5cm, and Height: 1cm (Excluding Spikes)

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The ProSpike Lawn Aerator Shoe is the ideal tool for anyone looking to give their lawn a boost. With its heavy-duty, lightweight construction, it's easy to use and helps to improve soil aeration and circulation of water, air, and nutrients.

Featuring 13 specifically designed spikes for maximum effectiveness, the ProSpike is crafted from super-tough nylon that is rust-proof and built to last. Its premium ladder lock straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while its heel support provides extra stability while in use.

With no assembly required and a one-size-fits-all design, the ProSpike Lawn Aerator Shoe is the perfect choice for gardeners of all levels. Whether you're an experienced gardener or simply looking for an easy and efficient way to improve your lawn, the ProSpike is sure to deliver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Good, but with adjustments

Good for the price but I really wrote this review to give a couple of tips I found helpful. Firstly reverse the straps and use the long ones on the back and loop them in front of your ankle. The short back straps don't hold on to the heel well. Secondly, once you've done the straps up tight, and I mean tight, thread them back through, they wont hold otherwise. I also found it useful to carry a fork with me to help keep my balance. Enjoy!

Will T
It works !

The spike aerator shoes do the job and are sturdy. Used once so far on soft lawn. Beware spikes can get stuck in the soil. Straps need to be tucked in so that they don't get caught in the spikes. Wear boots rather than shoes or the upper strap will chaff your ankles.

Does the job

Gets the job done. Takes a bit of practice to walk in them in a balanced manner. Go slow and steady and you will master it. Just remember to clean the spikes on a ongoing basis. I had to re-fasten the straps now and again, but this was to be expected.

Quite impressed..

Thought these might be a bit ‘ Heath Robinson ‘ but I was quite impressed by the overall performance of the aerator shoes ,a bit like crampons for your lawn.Quite thick plastic with sturdy spikes my size 11 shoes stuck over the ends approx 1cm.The straps needed adjustment a couple of times during use but that was straightforward.I used them on my lawn after a couple of rain showers and they sunk in easily, they needed de-clogging every so often to get maximum penetration.Made in the U.K.One star knocked off for price as I think should be about £10... but like to buy British if poss so don’t mind paying premium.

Etree Customer
Would recommend

Did the job I was surprised much better than using a fork and they are quite sturdy and worth the money