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Cane Balls - Build netting cages and plant structures the simple way.

Cane Balls - Build netting cages and plant structures the simple way.

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Length: 30cm, Height: 13.5cm, Width: 6cm, and *Outer Pack Size

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Used to make up fruit cages and netting frames to protect your crops. This simple-to-use ball takes bamboo canes or metal tubing up to ½" in diameter, and the tapered holes ensure a strong grip. Make any size frame required.

Garden netting is a great way to protect a vegetable patch from birds, insects and other wildlife.

Garden netting can be used to protect any type of plant including berry bushes, fruit trees, and vegetables (like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.)

Using a cane ball structure keeps the netting from touching your plants, which could damage them if a frost forms on a cold night.

If certain pests are especially bad in your area (cicadas, aphids, moths, birds, rabbits, deer – the list goes on!), then you might want to consider garden netting.

Recommended coverings: 

  • Netting: A thin, flexible net with larger holes. The larger holes will stop animals (like birds) while still letting plenty of light and water pass through.
  • Micro-mesh: A fine, thin mesh used as an insect barrier, often made of polyethene. The small holes stop tiny insects (such as thrips and aphids) while still allowing some light and water to pass through.
  • Fleece: Crop covers work by warmth from the sun raising temperatures by a few degrees, typically 2°C, compared to uncovered plants. This can advance maturity or flowering by about two weeks.
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Great idea, works well


very pleased

Bought these cane balls to construct a�

Bought these cane balls to construct a framework to cover my veg.
Item arrived promptly and is perfect for the job.
Would recommend the company (Etree) for their swift and efficient service and all at a good price.