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Easy Clean Lantern Bird Feeder - Prevent Disease & Protect Wildlife

Easy Clean Lantern Bird Feeder - Prevent Disease & Protect Wildlife

British Made

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W: 8 in, L: 8 in, and H: 8 in

Care Instructions

Clean regularly with a 5% alcohol solution

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Are you looking to bring a variety of feathered friends to your garden? Look no further than our 2023 Easy Clean Bird Feeder!

This bird feeder is designed with the health of your feathered friends in mind. The new push keylock mechanism allows for quick and easy cleaning, reducing the risk of spreading bird diseases. The improved strength and durability of this bird feeder make it a long-lasting addition to your garden.

Not only is this bird feeder functional, it is also stylish. Choose from a range of bright and bold or darker shades to match your garden decor.  And the best part? This bird feeder is designed and manufactured right here in the United Kingdom.

The 2023 Washable Bird Feeder comes fully assembled and features a convenient swivel lid for easy refilling. This bird feeder is the perfect solution for attracting a variety of birds to your garden while providing them with a safe and hygienic feeding environment. Whether you are looking for bird feeding accessories, bird food, a birdhouse feeder, a platform bird feeder, or a bird feeding kit, the 2023 Easy Clean Bird Feeder has got you covered. Don't wait, add the 2023 Easy Clean Bird Feeder to your garden today!


Instructions for disassembly & cleaning:

  1. Place on a firm flat surface.
  2. Push down on the hanging mount and rotate 180 degrees in either direction.
  3. Take the bird feeder apart.
  4. Clean each part thoroughly with a 5% alcohol disinfectant solution (not included).

Instructions for reassembly:

  1. Place the base/perch on a firm flat surface.
  2. Place the body and lid in the correct positions.
  3. Feed the rod through the lid of the bird feeder and align the key.
  4. Push down on the hanging mount and rotate 180 degrees in either direction.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Bird feeder .

I received my bird feeders this morning and I have to say I really pleased with them. They are easy too fill and sturdy the birds have a good perch to stand on while they feed. What I like is they will be easy to clean and won’t rust like the metal feeders do.

Big bear
The blue tits love them

A good design, easy to fill and keep clean.

C. Akkad
Fast service!

I posted my review, heard back from Etree within an hour with written and video directions. It's easy to open, once you know just how hard you must press down before you twist 180°. Thanks, Etree. Your customer service is 💯!

C. Akkad
Cannot open using your directions

The birdfeeder arrived today via Amazon. I read yr directions but cannot twist hanging mount to to align the key at the bottom in order to disassemble. That top hanging mount does not budge. Now what? Without being able to take apart and clean, I can't use it safely. Would appreciate help.

Thank you for your feedback. The key is designed to 'lock' closed so the feeder doesn't fall apart in strong winds. The way to open the key is to place the bottom of the bird feeder on a flat surface, and then push the key down before turning. I've sent you a video demo via email as it may be easier to understand. I hope this helps!

Best I've Bought

Far more robust than most
Better overhang than most keeps the feed dry
360 degree perch
Not too small or too big
Like the colour (Slate Green)
Good price
British made (ignore the daft / ill advised choice by the manufacturer of a .ee (Estonia) Domain name (; it's not actually a scam, it's just a very stupid gimmick to mirror the company name)

Thank you for your review, we're glad you like your new bird feeder! We are aware of the trust issue with our current domain and that's why we're re-launching our website this year - we're working hard behind the scenes on the new store and will update our customers when it launches. Wishing you a great week ahead! - Austin