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A design company

Etree Productions Limited is a design company at heart. We work with leading companies to help lift ideas from the drawing board and turn them into real products.

At our company, we believe in the power of design to drive success. All of our products are carefully crafted, both in-house and through the expertise and innovation of our talented teams and trusted partners, to ensure the highest level of quality and innovation.


Gardening products

We've been designing products for the biggest brands in gardening for over 20 years. Growing with this experience, Etree Gardenware is our range of in-house designed and manufactured gardening products.

Etree Store is your way to order our garden range direct from our factory. By ordering direct you gain the advantage of hot off-the-press products, paired with our utmost commitment to outstanding customer service.


British Made

We're big on British Made - so the majority of our products are wholely manufactured in the United Kingdom, or more specifically, in Bedfordshire.

Any product which features our British Made Badge is made locally, supporting local manufacturers and local jobs.


Our commitment to you.

Customer service is often seen as a burden to some businesses but we think if you take the time to make a purchase with us it should be worth it.

If your item isn't what you expected it to be, it didn't last as long as you thought, or you simply changed your mind - send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

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