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FenceGuard™ Security Spikes (6 or 18 Pack)

FenceGuard™ Security Spikes (6 or 18 Pack)

British Made

Protect your garden and deter intruders, burglars, birds, & cats.

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Fence Guard Panel Security Spikes allow you to protect your property from intruders and unwanted animals discreetly.

Key Features:

  • Protect your garden against intruders & burglars.
  • A great deterrent against cats & birds.
  • Made from Tough UV-Stabilised Plastic.
  • The design registered cruciform spiked act as a strong deterrent against unwanted intruders.
  • Preset grooves along the back of the spikes allow them to be bent around edges & the top of a curved fence.
  • The strips can be cut to length or can be cut lengthways creating a single strip of spikes.
  • Pre-formed holes allow you to screw or nail to the top of fences with ease
  • Six strips equal three meters in length, enough for two standard fence panels.


  • Brown: a deep brown colour, perfectly suited if your fences are any shade of brown.
  • Terracotta: brown/orange mix to blend in with terracotta fence panels.
  • White: great for use on your windowsills to deter cats and birds. Creates a painful grip which protects your home from unwanted entry through an open window.
  • Clear: a foggy clear plastic, great for when you want the strips to blend into the background or you have a fence colour not listed. Suited for concrete walls.

The Original FenceGuard™ by Etree

Designed, manufactured, and distributed in the United Kingdom.

Always injection moulded with high-quality UV-stabilised polypropylene.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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Uv Stabilised Flexible Plastic

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Length: 505 mm, Width: 100 mm, and Height: 50 mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews

Great thanks

jean wilson
Strong plastic

Stopped the cat messing in my garden lol

Linda Brown
Easy to install.

We actually bought this to appease an elderly neighbour. We only moved in to this house in March, and we like to feed the birds. She complained about the birds sitting on the low fence between us, specifically a robin that had the audacity to poo down her side of the fence, compelling her to wash it off. So we put up a 6ft fence and put these spikes on top, between our gardens. We haven't seen a bird sit on it since, but they still come for their food, and has the added advantage of keeping a cat out, from our said neighbors side, (not theirs) which wanted to eat the birds. It is easy to install, my husband (nearly eighty) was able to put it up using an electric drill, with no problems. Would certainly recommend it.

comedy gold

well! first of all there is absolutely nothing wrong with this product, it is sturdy, well-made and the spikes are definitely sharp. After getting help from my dad who carefully placed them around my fence in all the places my naughty little furry friend was climbing over into my neighbours and bullying her rather timid cat, we sat back to admire our hard work. Within five minutes he had jumped straight onto the spikes and was back over next door! we couldn't believe it! So he is that determined to go off investigating the garden next door he is prepared to struggle over the spiky trap! So for me, and Mr Bear, they didn't work. But they do stop ME from grabbing him as the spikes stick in me and I squeal, so maybe a good product for stopping nosy humans hanging over your fence instead!

Pigeons gone - almost!

I already bought some of these from a local Garden Centre prior to lockdown so I already knew they were ideal for what I needed - I just didn't buy enough at the time!!I have a problem with Pigeons landing and crapping all over certain areas of my Balcony and installing these things are a piece of cake and can be cut to size if you need a shorter length. Definitely recommend them although I've pinned/nailed mine down as they cover a wooden alcove bench so can't commebuon adhesive use.