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Using sophisticated 3D Design software our in house design team have designed this Technically advanced Lawn Spike Shoe featuring a world first profiled spike, unlike metal spikes which only provide a small hole that soon closes the Super Tough Nylon Spike has a conical shape with external ribbing, this profile is transferred to the ground giving the hole it creates a strong structure that remains open for longer allowing water, oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass. This product also features other significant improvements on it’s predecessors such as the premium quality webbing straps with double stitched Velcro ensuring a comfortable secure fitment to your shoe or boot that wont slip unlike cheap plastic or metal buckles. As it has no metal parts this lawn aerator product will not rust, the one piece design means there is no assembly or tools required, a garden hose or jet wash or simply a bucket of water is all you need to clean it. Please have a look at our images and technical information within. We injection mould this product in house at our factory and distribution centre in Bedfordshire so it’s 100% British made, even the straps and Velcro is stitched here. This product will increase the penetration of water and nutrients, stimulate your soils eco system and provide an optimum growing environment for roots which gives a better, greener and healthier lawn. Aerating your lawn frequently will deepen roots, improve absorption of fertilizers and the general quality of your lawn. Rake in some lawn sand (not sharp sand) and you will further improve the aeration. Technical:- 13 Super Tough 40mm Nylon Spikes per shoe. Heel to toe 29cm / 11.5 inches Widest point 13cm / 5 inches Spikes 40mm / 1.5 inches.

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