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Suitable for use with seed or nuts, the swivel top makes the feeder easy to refill. The domed top helps to keep the feed dry. There is an all round perch for easy feeding. The free scoop supplied will be same colour as the lantern, and that can double as an aid to gardening. *Swivel Hook available separately. The lantern and scoop are made from durable plastic, that will last for years.

We would recommend that a small amount of insulating tape is placed over the swivel top opening joints to further help keep the contents dry.

A note on bird seed mixtures
Experiment with bird feed, as different feed will attract different birds. There are lots of different mixes, but if you can, get the ones with plenty of flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granules. The really small seeds, such as millet are good for House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Finches, Reed Buntings and Collared Doves. Flaked maize is loved and eaten by the Blackbirds. Peanuts and Sunflower seeds are good for Tits and Greenfinches. Mixes that contain chunks or whole nuts are suitable for winter feeding only. Pinhead oatmeal is excellent for many birds. Wheat and barley grains (often included in seed mixtures) are really only suitable for pigeons, doves and pheasants.

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